Back From the Dead

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Since then, I had to take a hiatus from GonnaGeek and suspend my comic book reviewing. I had fusion surgery on my neck and recovery didn’t really allow for time to write consistently. Add the loss of income from the time spent on short term disability and I ended up having to trim responsibilities down to overtime and more overtime. I did however, find time to finish illustrating the children’s book I had begun before my surgery.

This was before i found out that children’s books are usually submitted in a manner opposite comic books. While comic book publishers usually ask for 10 pages of finished art and story, publishers of kids’ picture books request manuscripts and appoint an appropriate illustrator for the book. Now my writer and I are stuck with a finished story and 11 pages of fully rendered art. I’ve been exploring different avenues and options and I’m open to suggestions, tips, or advice for submitting to publishers. I even went the route of submitting my art separately to a few publishers to possibly gain work as an illustrator.

The images I post today are various works done for the project entitled Naudia’s Nightmare. The preview image is for page 2 of the book and the rest are various promo and pinup pieces. Hopefully my partner and I can figure out what to do with our book.

Finally, I started a new Facebook page dedicated solely to children’s book illustrations. Currently, it’s strictly for Naudia’s Nightmare art but I plan on adding images solely for showcasing my capabilities. The art isn’t what seems to be traditional children’s books. It’s more along the lines of an animation, cartoon style of illustration. I noticed that my daughter seems to be more engaged in books that are licensed properties. That may be because she watches the cartoons but I’ve fund books similar to y style and she seems more into the ones that are traditional animation style of artwork. Honestly, I’ve always questioned the ultra stylized renderings in the picture books growing up and now my daughter’s. They always seem so design-heavy and pop art and that didn’t sit well with me for a kid’s picture book. So, I aim to bring my style of cartooning to children’s books and hopefully everyone enjoys.

Page 2 Preview

Back to back, ready to combat the dreaded Math monsters.

Back to back, ready to combat the dreaded Math monsters.

Naudia Mrs Sellers Attack!

Just an idea for a bookmark using the Attack! picture.

Just an idea for a bookmark using the Attack! picture.

Thanks for reading.


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