Top Cow 2013 Talent Hunt Submissions

I recently published a post containing all 3 script entries on one post and it was brought to my attention that, with them not linked or separated, they were very hard to read. I just wanted to post them separate so it’s easier for any potential collaborators to view the individual scripts

I’ve gotten some good feedback about script writing since I posted these and I see plenty of areas for improvement. People pointed out mistakes, tips, and tricks. I’m currently working on implementing all that constructive criticism on what I believe is probably some of my best writing to date. The format is lacking on these right now and I plan to rewrite them now that I’ve discovered the wonderfulness that is Google Docs. So forgive me for my rookie formatting. Thanks for checking it out.


Entry #1 – Blind Faith

Entry #2 – Reborn Again

Entry #3 – The Coin of Solomon



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