Invincible #111 Review

Release Date: May 21st, 2014

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Publisher: Image Comics

Written By: Robert Kirkman

Art By: Ryan Ottley

Price: 2.99


The cover for #111 is so amazingly awesome and creepy at the same time. Why is Robot looking at me?! Make him stop! Invincible #111 is insanity. Nonstop, jaw dropping insanity from start to finish. I was hoping Robot was stupid enough to think one of his suits could stop Mark but unfortunately for Invincible and Eve, I was wrong.

This issue starts off with an in your face page 1 and keeps going as Mark tries to convince Cecil Stedman that Robot has gone insane. Unless Stedman has a double, reserve bodies, his consciousness on a hard drive, or some other ridiculous comic book device, He…is…SPOILER…dead. Robot cuts his throat open, turning him into the world’s oldest and ugliest Pez dispenser as Mark looks on in horror at his dysfunctional father figure bleeding out on the floor. Mark obviously destroys that body with one shot but we all know Rex is as genius as he is insane and that one line, “Meet me at your house,” was probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever read in a comic, knowing what Robot is capable of. His new suit, towering over Invincible’s pregnant wife Eve, is a new upgrade complete with an ultrasonic emitting device capable of bursting Mark’s head open that increases in power the harder he hits it. And we all know Mark hits as hard as Superman. As he puts it to the test, Robot actually disfigures Eve. I won’t spoil it. Despite her powers using up the baby’s resources, she crushes Robot’s skull and Mark flees to his father’s space base for help. The storyline of Invincible will never stop getting better. I can rely on that, death, and taxes. Seriously, few comics can maintain this amount of angst, desperation, terror, and impending doom like Kirkman infuses in Mark’s unrelenting life.

The art is superb as usual and the utter fear on Mark and Eve’s faces is there in all its detailed glory. The acts of savagery are perfectly illustrated with enough bloody detail to make it feel real. Rex’s treatment of Cecil is insanely gross but beyond effective. It hits like a ton of bricks to see the figurehead of this universe stomped into paste. There is NO coming back from that. Invincible is brutally powerful when he destroys Rex’s robot body and Eve’s terrifying experience is something I won’t get out of my head anytime soon. The action is energetic and flows like a comic should, with movement and a real force that Ottley has mastered.


Check out this preview cover for Issue #113. Epic!

This is the issue fans have been waiting for and while it may not be a knockdown drag out fight it was between Viltrumites or Dinosaurus, Robot is going to push Mark to the point of breaking and well past it. An army of Robot bodies await and Rex is intent on unleashing them all on the Invincible world. The Guardians are obviously gonna have to be dealt with but Mark is the prize fight. I also wonder how OmniMan and the rest of the Viltrumites will come into play. They can’t repopulate a world ruled by Rex. I’d wager my right leg on Robot having kept some of that nasty Viltrumite virus for himself. What? Too soon?


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