Red Lanterns #30 Review

Release Date: Aprill 23rd, 2014

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Publisher: DC Comics

Written By: Charles Soule

Art By: Alessandro Vitti, Jim Calafiore

Price: 2.99

Review: Originally published here @ GonnaGeek

In an effort to not be so mean to DC and the New 52, I would like to go on record and say that Red Lanterns is an awesome book. Really. I mean that. See? Unbiased. Ever since Guy Gardner got a red rage ring, I’ve been re-hooked.


The ragtag, unorganized gang of misfits who call themselves Red Lanterns now have a singular goal and mission. Bleez makes it back to them, beaten and bloody and meets their newest recruit; Kara Zor El. Supergirl with a red ring is scary. That is one pissed off Kryptonian and she’s always angry at something for some reason. In this issue, they decide to start tracking down new Reds before the big badass Atrocitus recruits them to his side of the team. A really sick looking new Red makes her face melting debut and she has one hell of an origin story. Skallox gets a lecture from Zox of all people as he debates rejoining their former boss. When they finally catch up with the new lantern, they find Atrocitus waiting, admiring the view as the new Red lays waste to her former tormentors. This issue is an emotional roller coaster with plenty of angst, laughter, anger, fear, a few funny moments and most importantly, rage.


The art is superb. While pencils are shared between two artists, it doesnt distract from the storyline like most books with multiple pencilers do. Instead, it aids in the way the story unfolds. The new Red’s story is drawn by Jim Calafiore. His pencils are full of emotions and give the facial expressions a sense of power and urgency. The Lantern storyline is drawn by Alessandro Vitti and it looks amazing as usual. Everybody looks mean and angry and full of rage as they should. Even goofball Gardner looks like a badass with the goatee and permanent scowl. I kinda wish Supergirl didn’t have that mask so we could see her angry eyes but she looks sufficiently pissed as well.


I’m glad I gave Red Lanterns another chance and returned to this corner of the New 52. I just wish the rest of the Lantern books were picking up steam like this one. Or that Superman/Batman made a lick of sense to me because it’s the best looking book out thanks to Jae Lee. I won’t get on a rant about the New 52 and take away from how awesome this book is. It’s awesome. Oh, and Dex Starr can make constructs now!


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