Spotlight on Artifacts, the Cow, and Talent Hunt Winners

Originally published here @ GonnaGeek

In 2012, Top Cow announced its very 1st Talent Hunt and the entries poured in. Originally intended as strictly a contest for artists, it was expanded to include writers as well. The publisher announced that four spots per category would be up for grabs amongst the general population of previously unpublished creators. An anthology was also slated for 10 runner-ups.


With the announcement of the winners came the prize. The Cow announced that the winners would be producing issues for their flagship title itself; Artifacts. Now those issues are starting to see daylight. Artifacts #33 thru 35 are already out featuring the winners and there are more to come. No word yet on how many issues will be written or drawn by the winners but it’s possible the winning artist who has been drawing the covers may be here to stay.

Interiors from Artifacts #33


Interiors from Artifacts #34


Cover for Artifacts #35


Preview for Artifacts #36



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