Summoner #1 Review


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Summoner #1 Review

Released July 15th, 2013

4/5 Stars

Published by DreamWalker Press

Written and Illustrated by Jenni Gregory

Check it out here:

My first web-comic review. This was a good step away from the world-shattering, all-consuming crossover events that have permeated the industry recently. The art is beautiful. The story is beautiful. The art is beautiful. I meant to repeat myself because the art in this book is truly gorgeous to look at. The writing is superb and the dialog flowed natural although it seemed to tug me along faster than I wanted it to. Without spoiling the entire book, and because you may never have heard of this gem, Jayne Sinclair is a Summoner. “Hers is the ability to summon the spirits of the recently deceased back to the mortal plane.” And she does it for the cops, according to

The scene with the pigeons flying away at the girl’s entrance was amazingly unique. Faces convey emotions perfectly and the lack of details in the characters actually adds to the mood of the book. The simpleness of the characters mixed with the complexity of the backgrounds is mesmerizing. The backgrounds are also amazing. Super detailed and very thorough, the settings in these panels make me feel like I’m in a Walt Disney fairytale even if it is the same tree in every panel. It’s a beautifully rendered tree. Also, the shadow effects DreamWalker uses are unique and different.


Interior Art

The writing by Jenni Gregory is great as well. The overall premise may not be the most original idea in history but it’s definitely different enough to set itself apart from other books. The sensitive subject matter is handled very professionally and with enough heart and soul to tug at a grown man’s heart strings. The little girl’s story was heart wrenching and I felt her pain thru Gregory’s writing. Seeing as how I read the synopsis before the book, I figured it out as soon as the aforementioned scene showed up but that didn’t make it any less poignant or take away any of the  impact.

Basically I have no complaints other than it was only 16 pages instead of some form of infinite comic book. The realization and acceptance by the young Isabel of her impossibly dismal situation was jarring and left a long impression on me. I wonder if I would be so mature about the situation. In my mind I pictured her mother in the completely opposite mind frame of Isabel. Goosebumps.


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