X-Men Legacy #14 Review by Scott Miller


       X-Men Legacy has quickly moved to my number one favorite monthly X-Men comic. Every issue also moves it one step closer to my current favorite comic book on the shelves, period. I never would’ve guessed that I’d ever get this much character development in a title with an X on it.

      Simon Spurrier has crafted the best underdog in the history of comics in my humble opinion. Legion went from whiny prepubescent kid with daddy issues and a cracked noggin, to one of the most creative, ingenious, powerful characters in comic books today. Personally responsible for killing his own dad and ushering in the hellish AoA, Legion was easy to hate. Now I cheer him on.

      This issue has him at his best. Effortlessly manipulating events to reach his goal, angering Pete Wisdom in the process, and easily controlling some of the most powerful mutants in Marvel’s stable. I was always fascinated with Legion even though I disliked his character. I knew a mutant with 1,000 personalities, each with their own power, was either a blessing or a curse to a writer. Spurrier has reaffirmed my belief that if Haller ever learned to control his demons, there would be nothing he couldn’t do. Literally. And he hasn’t even harnessed the “…big ones down there. The reality changers. The time breakers.” Coolest quote in this series thus far.

      Ruth is icing on the cake. She grounds Legion even though she has no clue what he’s doing until his plan is basically finished. Affecting change thru nonviolent means has never been this much fun.

      The art is amazing and unlike anything on the shelves today. It may not be mainstream but it certainly is pleasing on the eyes. The exaggeration of his art is what sets it apart. From David’s overly tall pencil eraser hair, to the impossibly detailed facial expressions, Tan Eng Huat’s art is truly unique. 

      With team books, mash-ups, and team ups available ad nauseum, this book sets itself a step higher and elevates its main character to one of the best overall fleshed out ideas in comics. X-Men Legacy has given me further reason to distance myself from the spandex adventurers and delve into more character development, motivation, introspective analysis, and all-out ingenious critical thinking displayed by the Charlie Brown of the X-Men world.


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